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*** as always - but then everything you send me is - minor (and these are very minor **) working on my next series of shirts now - have no idea why because I still have about six not yet worn outside - but love the company and what you produce - keep it up! (and of course let me know)


Shirt fits ok but it's a bit loose on the collar and doesn't have much shape in the torso. The material is also ok but not very soft/thick. I will eventually try and different model t-shirt and see how it goes. Printing is too notch can't fault that but I'm unlikely to wear it much in current state.


Great photo. Great quality and the photo looks good. The tee-shirt is a good bold black. Although I have to admit... I'd return the TEE-SHIRT for a ** size..... If I could. X


I have not received the T-shirt ! Please advise ! ***


Good quality, great print also even after washing
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